Offering a unique custom design and made-to-measure experience, the design team at Christopher Paunil creates figure-flattering, confidence-boosting gowns perfectly tailored to fit each individual woman that steps into their studio.

The Atelier Experience with Christopher Paunil

With the utmost attention to detail, the three-phase design process ensures that every client leaves with the perfect dress. Beginning with the initial meeting, Christopher Paunil will seek to understand exactly what the client is looking for. Using this information, they will thoughtfully create a unique design tailored to the client’s measurements, ensuring optimal fit and a figure flattering shape. From there, using only the highest quality, premium materials, they thoughtfully construct the garment, ensuring that every seam, tuck, and detail is perfectly executed and made to last.

The atelier experience is more than putting together a fabulous custom-made dress — it’s about understanding the heart and soul of the designer by being able to work with them directly. Each and every dress designed and produced by Christopher Paulin has been constructed with passion, a fierce dedication to excellence, and a deep joy in having the opportunity to make someone shine. Stepping into a gorgeous dress is one thing, but having the opportunity to experience the designer’s genuine love for their craft is something entirely different.

Focusing on supreme craftsmanship and creating positive, inspirational custom design experiences, Christopher Paulin is proud to serve Toronto-area clients with this one-of-a-kind custom process.