Featuring carefully crafted designs and meticulously produced dresses, The Christopher Paunil Evening Wear Collection is created to complement women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. Timeless yet modern with clean, flattering design, this ready-to-wear collection is perfect for both the younger woman emerging into her true self and the established, discerning woman who knows and appreciates superior quality and unique design.

Recognized worldwide for exceptional design, diligent construction, and beautiful materials, Christopher Paunil’s craftsmanship is admired by women everywhere. Much sought-after yet never replicated, the evening wear collection is designed to give each individual woman the confidence to shine in a beautiful dress, an opportunity to make lifelong memories during a special event in her life, and a positive impact that lingers long after taking off the dress.

The Christopher Paunil philosophy is simple: offer women a positive, empowering experience from beginning to end. They do this by upholding strict standards of material quality and sustainable sourcing, employing local labour to ensure complete quality control, providing clear, timely service throughout the design and fitting process, and approaching each and every customer with renewed sense of purpose. Hundreds of hours go into designing and producing each evening collection, meaning that each handcrafted garment is guaranteed to be of nothing but the highest quality, and customers love the ease and confidence they immediately feel when they slip into a Christopher Paunil dress.

Christopher Paunil’s distinguished collection of evening wear is available through either select retailers or a distinct atelier experience in the Toronto studio.

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