Christopher Paunil exists to design and build beautiful custom bridal dresses and evening gowns. In the process, we help create lifelong memories and relationships, producing garments that empower women to feel beautiful, strong, and confident.

With a commitment to thoughtful design and conscious construction, including sustainable sourcing and supporting local labour, our designers seek to use their craft to raise industry standards and make their community a better place. From the initial design to the final fitting, every step of Christopher Paunil’s process is rooted in intention, kindness, passion, and an extremely high standard of excellence. This process guarantees that each and every customer receives a handmade, perfectly-constructed gown that will give her unending confidence on her special occasion.

The Christopher Paunil brand is about much more than fashion. More than crafting gorgeous custom bridal and formal wear, our mission is to offer women a unique service and product that makes them feel confident, powerful, treasured, and beautiful. We genuinely love creating timelessly beautiful gowns, meeting with inspiring new people who are preparing to celebrate their wedding or an important event in their life, and making each and every customer feel fabulous. Helping to create lifelong memories and relationships, a Christopher Paunil gown represents beauty, power, and timeless elegance.

Every time a woman wears a Christopher Paunil gown and feels beautiful, confident, and empowered, it’s clear that the design team is fulfilling their purpose, and they are immensely grateful for the opportunity to serve clients worldwide with their craft.