Once you’ve gotten engaged, the planning of your wedding ceremony and reception begins. There are many decisions to be made, including where you want to exchange your vows, and you may be considering a venue that is in another state or another country. Are there benefits to having a destination wedding? It may be challenging to know if this kind of wedding is best for you, and to help, in today’s blog, we’ll review a few of the benefits to having a destination wedding.

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Perks of Having a Destination Wedding

If you’re toying with the idea of having a destination wedding, you may find yourself wondering what advantages there may be to exchanging your vows somewhere other than your local church. There are many benefits to destination weddings, and we’ll review four of them below.

Joint Planning

For far too long, the task of planning a wedding has been largely left to the bride-to-be. Not only can this cause a lot of undue stress on the bride, but it also prevents the bride and groom from bonding over planning their special day together. Because the prospect of a destination wedding is often exciting for both the bride and the groom, they provide the opportunity for joint planning and bonding time.

Cost Savings

It might be counterintuitive that a wedding in another state (or even another country) could potentially save you money, but indeed, it can! Recent surveys have shown that the average American wedding can cost anywhere from between $20,000 to $30,000. Because the guest list for destination weddings tends to be smaller, so are the associated costs for catering, lodging, and formal wear.

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Amazing Photos

Whether you choose to have your wedding in the stunning landscape of Alaska or the luscious tropics of Hawaii, one thing is certain: you’ll never have to worry about having so-so wedding photos. The natural surroundings that accommodate destination weddings make for some of the most beautiful and unique wedding photos imaginable.

Convenient for Honeymoon

When you have a traditional wedding, there is often a lag time between your nuptials and the beginning of your honeymoon. However, when you choose to have a destination wedding, your honeymoon can start as soon as the ceremony is over. Your guests will likely want to spend their own time in the unique location you’ve chosen for your wedding, allowing you and your new spouse to explore the destination on your own.

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