Once you and your significant other have taken your relationship to the next level and become engaged, the wedding planning will soon commence. As with many major life events, the devil is in the details, and for many newly engaged couples, this can be a stressful and overwhelming time as they try to find the perfect attire, most affordable venue, and decide on the best date to get married. While many couples choose spring or summer for their wedding, having a winter wedding also has its perks, and in today’s blog, we’ll review a few of the benefits to having your wedding during the off-peak season.

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Benefits of Wedding in the Winter

So, what are the benefits to hosting your wedding ceremony during the winter months? We’re glad you asked! It turns out there are many, and we’ve listed a few of them below.

Venue Availability and Rates

If you’re newly engaged and beginning to think about where you want your wedding to be held, it’s wise to call around well in advance to check on the rates and availability of your preferred venues. As you do so, you’ll soon discover that many venues have less availability and charge more during the peak wedding months between late spring and early fall. Opting for a wedding during non-traditional wedding months can make choosing a date a lot easier, and you are likely to save some money at the same time.

Stunning Photo Opportunities

Many couples find themselves spending a pretty penny on a reputable wedding photographer, and for good reason. Your wedding photos are one of the few mementos from the day that will stand the test of time, reminding you of one of the best days of your life for years to come. When it comes to the backdrop for your wedding photos, there’s nothing quite as stunning as a bright, snowy setting, and a beautiful shawl that coordinates with your wedding dress will keep the chill away for long enough to capture some amazing shots.

Travel Accommodation Costs

For some couples, the wedding ceremony and reception wouldn’t be complete without a few key family members in attendance. Other couples may choose to have a destination wedding, subsequently becoming responsible for the air fare and hotel of the wedding party and guests. Whether you’re looking at flying friends and family in for your wedding, or you’re faced with travel expenses to transport people to your wedding abroad, winter time provides substantially more affordable flight and hotel costs as long as you avoid the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

No Heat or Humidity

If you’re a bride who struggles with excessively oily skin or naturally curly hair, you know how important it is to avoid the heat and humidity on your big day! For many brides who choose to get married in the late spring, summer time, or even early fall, shiny faces and frizzy hair are frustrating and unavoidable factors. Additionally, excessive heat and humidity have never made for great looking photos or a pleasant photo shoot experience, and the groomsmen in tuxedos will be grateful for the cooler and drier atmosphere that winter provides.

Higher Attendance

Have you ever been invited to a wedding only to discover that you have several other weddings, baby showers, graduations or other social gatherings the same weekend? Because people tend to choose non-winter months for many milestone events, this means that not all invitees can attend the events their presence is requested at. When you choose to have your wedding in the winter months, your guests are less likely to have other events to attend, assuming you don’t plan for a Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve wedding.

Custom Wedding Dresses in Toronto

Once you’ve decided on when you want to have your wedding, the designers at Christopher Paunil would love to speak with you to arrange for a consultation at our Toronto studio. If you decide to have a winter wedding, we’d love to work with you to ensure that your wedding dress best suits the tone of your wedding, as well as the weather outside on your big day. Call us at 416-996-2942 today to schedule your consultation! We can’t wait to speak with you!

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