Established in 2010, Christopher Paunil was founded to make women feel their most beautiful and powerful. Offering both custom bridal wear and ready-to-wear designs for women of all backgrounds, our philosophy is simple: conscious design and meticulous production of high-quality wedding dresses and formal wear for the contemporary woman.

More than just high fashion, Christopher Paunil seeks to make the world a better place through every step of our process. From sustainably sourcing our materials and supporting local labour to empowering customers with beautiful fashion and positive experiences, our belief in service, honesty, and positive experiences permeates every step of our detailed design and production process.

Christopher Paunil

As an actively involved designer, Christopher Paunil is present in every stage of design development and execution, and he is most passionate about making beautiful, memorable garments. Working since the age of 14, he has had ample experience in many aspects of the fashion industry, from uniform and costume design to pattern-making and teaching in non-profit and educational environments. Insistent on immaculate fit and construction, he is best known for taking a client’s ideas and creating a design that will complement a woman’s body, shape, and assets. Chris has a major penchant for flowers, watching people fight on YouTube, wigs, colourful, pretty, and sometimes sparkly things. Most importantly, however, he is incredibly passionate about LGBTQ rights. If he weren’t a fashion designer, he’d opt to be a spy (how do you know he isn’t?).

Chalo Hancock

Chalo Hancock is the strategic and business brainpower behind Christopher Paunil, bringing his extensive experience as an executive director, ability to build something from nothing, and general prowess in operations to the company. With his remarkable strength in logistics, Chalo is responsible for the overall direction and growth for Christopher Paunil. He is an honest, open communicator who is inspired by the art and science of the fashion industry and intrigued by the future of design. When Chalo isn’t building programs in the nonprofit sector or working on Christopher Paunil, he is busy fantasizing about renting yachts, living in the forest with nothing but a bucket and a positive outlook, and plotting his next jet fuel run.